Orientation to the new CCM members


At Hotel Rochog Pel, Thimphu

CCM orientation was  scheduled on 26 May 2016 at Hotel Rochog Pel, Thimphu, the following are the main objectives of the meeting: 

  • Orient newly elected CCM members on the Global Fund architecture and guidelines.
  • Orient members on Bhutan CCM structures and mandates by means of familiarizing with the Bhutan CCM Governance Manual.
  • Strengthen CCM members' understanding of grant oversight including understanding of the current grants and oversight tools.
  • Provide overview of the CCM performance eligibility
  • Inform CCM members on conflict of interest policy and process of mitigation of conflict of interest (Annual COI Declaration).

Expected Outcomes:

At the end of the workshop participants will:

  • CCM members understand new Global Fund grant architecture and criteria for performance based funding of CCM.
  • CCM members will be familiar with Bhutan CCM Structures and mandates.
  • Have a clear understanding of their role and responsibility as members of the CCM, especially as they relate to the five functions of the CCM;
  • Have build consensus on mitigation of conflict of interest and agreed to the key principles of COI – and members/alternates signed COI declaration forms.
  • CCM members understand the overview of the current grants

For more details,please refer here

  1. Membership renewal process and challenges
  2. What is the Global Fund and how it works?
  3. The GF Architecture
  4. Bhutan CCM Structures
  5. CCM Eligibility and performance assessment tool: Why and How
  6. What does CCM Do?
  7. Oversight Tool: PR/CCM Dashboard
  8. Participation of CCM members at Regional and global meetings.
  9. Roles and Responsibilities of Local Fund Agent
  10. Bhutan-CCM-Governance-Manual and COI policy 
  11. CCM-Bhutan-Oversight-Plan
  12. CCM_Requirements_Guidelines
  13. CCM_Funding_Policy
  14. GFATM_Grant Information
  15. CCM_Development_Partner_Impact_Through_CCMS_Tipsheets
  16. CCM_Orientation_Agenda May 2016

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