31st CCM Meeting


From 9:00 am until 5:00 pm

31st CCM  Meeting is scheduled on 28 August at Hotel Rochog Pel, Thimphu, the following are the main objectives of the meeting: 

  1. Update on the current grant implementation – HIV, TB and Malaria
  2. Update on the New Funding Model – HIV, TB and Malaria
  3. Update on the current grant implementation – HIV/MSM
  4. Update on the Implementation plan and the endorsement of the new CCM funding.

Please see the link for the draft agenda of the meeting here

Presentation files : 

  1. Bhutan CCM  Improvement plan
  2. CCM and OSC workplan with timeline_final
  3. CCM meeting participation Jan 2014-Aug 2015
  4. TOR-TA_Engagement and communication plan
  5. TOR-TA_Orientation CCM member
  6. TOR-TA_Orientation OSC
  7. Writeup_Independent CCM Secretariat


  1. TFM update
  2. NFM status 
  3. MSA grant 


  1. TFM Progress Update
  2. Status of NFM

Malaria (VDCP) : 

  1. TFM Progress update and dashboard 
  2. Status of NFM 



  1. MSA grant update


  1. MSA status update

CCM Secretariat 

  1. CCM improvement plan 
  2. New CCM funding
  3. CCM meeting minutes 

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