CCM Evolution Task Force Meeting


From 02.00pm until 04.00pm

CCM Task Force members: 

  1. Dr. Rinxin Rinxin, CSO Constituency
  2. Lam Ngodup Dorji, FBO Constituency
  3. Ms. Dorji Lhamo, Academia Constituency
  4. Ms. Sonam Choden, KAP Constituency
  5. Mr. Sonam Wangdi, ML/BL Constituency
  6. Mr. Dawa Tshering, CSO Constituency
  7. Mr. Khandu Dorji, Govt Constituency
  8. Ms. Meto Pema, PLHIV Constituency

Key Informants for the consultant to interview

  1. Ms. Dorji Pem, CCM Member, Govt
  2. Dr. Rinzin Rinzin, CCM Vice Chair, CSO
  3. Mr. Sonam Wangdi, CCM Alternate Member, ML/BL
  4. Mr. Dechen Wangdi, Non-CCM member, KAP
  5. CCM Secretariat

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