CCM Secretariat and Staffs

The CCM Secretariat executes the day-to-day functions as delegated by the Executive Committee, CCM Chair / Vice Chair and the CCM. The CCM Coordinator and the CCM Secretariat supports the decision-making and other functions of the CCM.

The CCM Secretariat is the primary point of communication for the CCM, and shall receive and allocate communications received for consideration and action under the direction of the CCM members.

The CCM Coordinator of the CCM Secretariat attends meetings of the CCM but is not a voting member. The CCM Secretariat will support the CCM by:

a. Supporting CCM organisation and management:

i.   Making arrangements CCM meetings, including preparation and distribution of the agenda, and the issuing of meeting notices;
ii.  Establishing and updating CCM foundation documents and committee / working party terms of reference;
iii. Facilitating selection / election and appointment of CCM members from constituency groups;
iv. Facilitating processes for election of CCM Officer Bearers;
v. Facilitating appointment of CCM and non-CCM members to committees and working parties in accordance with approved terms of reference;
vi. Facilitating creation of expert pools to support CCM activities;
vii. Coordinating CCM member orientation and capacity building activities;
viii. Other duties delegated by the CCM Chair and/or Executive Committee.

b. Supporting harmonization:

i. Assisting the Proposal Development Committee in liaising with national and non-government agencies and development partners to ensure Global Fund activities are developed and implemented in close alignment with other efforts and to ensure that information for robust gap analysis is available;
ii. Providing information to support harmonization endeavours and the inclusion of Global Fund activities in national results;
iii. Identifying and investigating opportunities for resource mobilization to support CCM activities.

c. Supporting proposal development:

i. Providing administrative support to Proposal Development Committee;
ii. Accessing and providing to Committee members relevant Global Fund guidelines for proposals;
iii. Facilitating a transparent Principal Recipient selection process through calls for expression of interest and transparent review and assessment of such;
iv. Facilitating Sub-Recipient selection in consultation with nominated Principal Recipients;
v. Establishing and maintaining a consultant/technical assistance roster including support from development partners to facilitate proposal writing process;
vi. Providing communication support for submission of proposals for CCM approval, for submission of endorsed proposals to the Global Fund, and for timely responses by the CCM to questions and comments regarding the proposals.

d. Supporting oversight of grant implementation:

i. Providing administrative and technical support to the Oversight Committee;
ii. Collection of relevant information on in-country grant performance from principal recipients, the Global Fund and other information sources;
iii. Undertaking preliminary analysis of programmatic and financial information on grant performance;
iv. Synthesising or repackaging grant performance information to support identification by Oversight Committee members of key issues, trends and elements requiring CCM intervention;
v. Coordinating CCM oversight site visits;
vi. Facilitating reporting by the Oversight Committee to the CCM on grant performance, and communication and implementation of CCM decisions on oversight.

e. Supporting documentation and communication:

i. Maintaining and archiving all records of the CCM, its committees and working parties, including minutes and correspondence arising from decisions and deliberations of the CCM and its committees;
ii. Maintaining and archiving all documentation regarding selection / election and appointment of CCM members from constituency groups;
iii. Maintaining and archiving all communication by the CCM regarding development of proposals including details of consultants used in proposal development;
iv. Maintaining and archiving all documentation regarding calls for expressions of interest in principal recipient roles and other implementation partners and selection thereof;
v. Maintaining and archiving all financial records of the CCM and its activities;
vi. Providing advice on availability of, and, where appropriate, repackaging information on Global Fund rules, regulations and guidelines and in-country program activities and performance for CCM members and development partners both in Dzongkha and English.

Contact Person(s):

     Ms Suneeta Chhetri
      CCM Coordinator/ CCM Focal Point
     Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) Secretariat
     The Global Fund to fight HIV/AIDs, Tuberculosis and Malaria
     In the Ministry of Health Building
     P.O.Box# 726
     Thimphu, Bhutan 

     Tel/Fax: +975- 2 331751
     Email: / 


     Ms Tshering Choden
     Asst M&E Officer 
     Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) Secretariat
     The Global Fund to fight HIV/AIDs, Tuberculosis, and Malaria
     In the Ministry of Health Building
     P.O.Box# 726
     Thimphu, Bhutan 

     Tel/Fax: +975- 2 331751