Key decisions of the 35th CCM meeting

The 35th CCM meeting held at Le Meridien, Paro on 7 June 2017 with an objective to :


  1. Brief induction to CCM members on their roles.
  2. Bhutan Funding Allocation for Global Fund grant 2017-2019.
  3. Endorsement of Program Split
  4. Discussion on Principal Recipient (PR) selection.
  5. Highlights of the National Strategic Plan for HIV, TB and Malaria.
  6. Review the PUDR.

Made the following recommendations and endorsement:

  1. Endorsed the program split as allocated. 
  2. Endorsed Ministry of Health as PR for the three diseases for GF grant 2018-2020. 
  3. In addition endorsed for an open call for additional PR for the GF grant 2018-20, to be evaluated by a committee with no conflict of interest. 
  4. Endorsed the Malaria’s reprogramming proposal. 
  5. Endorsed the menthod with the Bhutan Health Trust Fund, which includes the PR can apply under the Tailored review approach.