Bhutan is a Sub Sub-Recipient of the Global Fund Round 9 grant for the Asia Pacific Region-Response to HIV among MSM Community strengthening, reducing vulnerability, and minimizing risk of the further spread of HIV for men who have sex with men and transgender populations.

Programme overview:

Grant Number 006-GNHC-Bhutan-06/2011(signed with Naz Foundation International, Sub Recipient) 
Grant title Reducing the Impact of HIV on men who have sex with men and transgender populations in South Asia
Effective date July 1, 2011
Total grant  USD 99,267.00

The countries engaged with it are Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.  This multi country approach was mainly because It is more cost effective to provide necessary technical support, policy development and advocacy, resource development, and the procurement of commodities (for establishing specific community based HIV services for MSM and TG where they do not exist) from a regional level and there are many similarities across these countries that affect the risks and vulnerability of MSM and TG to HIV, including sexual and gender identities, social norms, stigma and discrimination, and law enforcement.

PSI Nepal is the nominated Principal Recipient for this regional grant.

Download more information on this programme below:

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